Why Do Women Love to wear Men’s T-Shirts | 24 Shopping Bazaar |

Why Do Women Love to wear Men’s T-Shirts | 24ShoppingBazaar |

You have just started dating a rad chick , things are going well but there’s one thing bothering you, your T-shirt collection is missing some important items. The favourite Rusty tee that reminds you of surfing days, that vintage Adidas Original Shoes number you picked up in Brick Lane and that Globe t-shirt you’ve skated so hard and your mother threw it away years ago. All gone. You spent months wondering what happened to your Shoes or T-Shirts , the washing machine ate them or someone jumped your fence and took them away. Then two weeks later your Girlfriend turns up with that t-shirt with her favourite pair of denim shorts and rocks your memory . Wait, are you  OK with it? NO! But she looks hot, so it’s alright.

That’s right we’ve said it; guys shirts looks awesome on girls as well. But girls don’t always need a boyfriend to rock the shirt look. Don’t be afraid to invest in a men’s tee and let it fall over your sexy curves. Guys, below are our top picks of the season, just beware that the eyes of a woman who comes in contact with these T-shirts will light up – beware of sisters, girlfriends and girl mates alike, as they may steal these T shirts . They all have the potential to approach with the ‘long term loan’ angle. Little did you know they’ll never be seen on your bod again. You’ve been warned. Women love to Wear men’s T shirts as much as men like to wear men’s tees.

Just Have a Look on How Trendy and Stylish a Girl Looks when they wear a Men’s T Shirt

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White on Black

It’s a strong look. White Check Dots on Black Colour T Shirt Looks Awesome and Trendy . You can Wear it along with A pair of jeans or Leggings or even Salwar as and when you feel like .We’re all over the Santa Cruz Dagger Dot long sleeve for those breezy summer days.

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Colorful Check T shirts

A Lady Looks Gorgeous when she wears some kind of a Check T-shirts . Can be Worn Full Sleeves or Half Sleeves, this Deserves a Try . Have a look how This Red Check T shirt looks

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