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When did Women Started Doing Makeup ? | Makeup History | Birth of Makeup | 

Makeup is an essential part in every woman’s life Today. They can’t even imagine leaving house without kohl, mascara and Lipstick. The purpose of wearing makeup is not only concealing our flaws, but to highlight our best Features. Makeup are of these types, like natural makeup, bold makeup, bridal makeup etc. Today’s market is flooded with so many types of cosmetic products that can do everything like Hiding pores and smoothing of our complexion and much more like sunscreen and all! People are not shy to experiment with different types of makeup looks these days. But have you ever thought from when women started doing makeup? Makeup trends change daily and we think it will be interesting to take a look at the birth days of makeup.

So Let’s check out Makeup History – Birth of Makeup – from When Women Start Doing Makeup. 

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The first use of Makeup is known to be done in the ancient Egypt where both men and women used to wear makeup. Both men and women used a substance known as ‘unguent’ to Prevent Wrinkles. Egyptian women used to decorate their eyes with kohl. They used to decorate their eyes by applying dark green color to the lower lid and used kohl to outline their eyes. Great. Isnt it ?




By the middle of 1st century AD, Romans also started using makeup. Women used to wear kohl on their eyes and rouge on their cheeks. To whiten the complexion, women used chalks. During the Italian Renaissance, women used to apply lead paints to lighten the face which was very dangerous. It was quite evident that the usage of harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, mercury were very common to enhance beauty and despite knowing about their danger, majority of the women continued using them as their ‘makeup’.

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During the reign of Charles II, heavy makeup started being common. In 1770, the British Parliament passed a law condemning lipstick. According to that, if a woman is found guilty of seducing a man into matrimony by wearing lipstick, it would be considered as an act of witchcraft. In the 1800’s, makeup was considered as vulgur and only actors and prostitutes used to wear them. After that, when makeup began to resurface, natural toned makeup became more popular than heavy makeup.




But, What is the most Interesting thing in Makeup History?  Men also used to apply makeup until the 1850s!

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To makeup, or not to makeup – this used to be the debate until the 20th century. The real revolution in the makeup history began during the early years of 20th century. By then, makeup became quite fashionable in America and Europe due to the influence of Hollywood. From 1930s till ’50s, various movie stars became the ‘face’ of new makeup trends. The ’70s and ’80s saw a revolution in eye makeup with wide range of eye shadows and heavily lined eyes.




So that was makeup history in brief. Natural toned makeup is in trend today. Makeup is important, but it’s not everything. Its the Inner Beauty that Matters the Most in a Long term . you can apply makeup to your face but you cant apply that on your Heart 😉 .


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