Why Do Women Love to wear Men’s T-Shirts | 24 Shopping Bazaar |

Why Do Women Love to wear Men’s T-Shirts | 24ShoppingBazaar | You have just started dating a rad chick , things are going well but there’s one thing bothering you, your T-shirt collection is missing some important items. The favourite Rusty tee that reminds you of surfing days, that vintage Adidas Original Shoes number you picked up […]

The 5 Ultimate Type of Stylish Bags Every Woman Should Have to Look Fabulous | 24ShoppingBazaar |

  5 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Have – While your Makeup Kit may be overflowing with Lip Sticks, Glosses, eyeliners, Foundations, concealers and much more, but when it comes to Stashing them, We use our Old bag that looks out of Place and Unfashionable . And not to forget, a Bag does play its part in […]

When Did Women Started Wearing Makeup ? History of Makeup | 24 Shopping Bazaar |

When did Women Started Doing Makeup ? | Makeup History | Birth of Makeup |  Makeup is an essential part in every woman’s life Today. They can’t even imagine leaving house without kohl, mascara and Lipstick. The purpose of wearing makeup is not only concealing our flaws, but to highlight our best Features. Makeup are […]

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What are 7 Best and Comfortable Jeans For Plus Size Women | 24 ShoppingBazaar |

    Super Trendy and Attractive Jeans for Plus Size Women     If Someone is in the plus-size range, she knows better than anybody that though the fashion industry has come a long way to introduce Trendy Attires across a range of sizes, denim can still be very tricky. For a woman with curvy frames, It is very […]

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How To Wear A Bubble Skirt to Look Professional and Casual | 24 Shopping bazaar |

  How To Wear A Bubble Skirt – Bubble skirt can make you look cute or totally unfashionable depending on the way you wear it. This type of skirt is gathered at the waist while voluminous towards the hem. It looks good on girls with hourglass or pear shaped figure. Bubble skirt can hide wide hips and thighs […]