How can you Get your Partner’s Ring Size without Letting them Know Anything


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There is no surprise in this world more magical than the surprise of being loved by Someone. When you get to know that a person loves you and you were unaware of it before, That surprise is the most Pleasant surprise possible. The surprise becomes a moment to be captured if it is a proposal with the ultimate question being asked and a ring offered. To buy a Ring for your Partner, you need to know his Finger Size. If you buy Ring just by Guessing her size, you may face Embarrassment later. It may not Fit her, can be Loose or Tight and if you are around a Bunch of People, both of you may feel uneasy.

Don’t Worry 24 Shopping Bazaar is here ;), we have some ways by which you can get to know her Correct Finger size and you don’t need to spoil Surprise by asking her Finger size from her. Don’t Do That At All.


Here are 6 ways which 24 Shopping Bazaar have Thought of how you can get her Ring Size and gift her a Perfect Ring.


1. Take Help of Tissue

When you have chosen to ask her that question you can tinker with a tissue over a Coffee cup and begin by making random things like arm ornaments out of tissues, chain, bracelet and so on. In the process make a ring and attempt to fit it on the left-hand ring finger and pocket it securely for future and utilize it as an estimation and now you have an Idea of her Finger Size (Almost Accurate). You can make a Perfect Ring by following this.

2. Make Someone your Ally

It is great to have a secret ally who will have access to your partner’s ring. Your partner might have Told her Ring size to her Best Friend or someone from her Family. You can ask them easily and your Partner will not get to know anything about all this . Just make sure the person from whom you are asking this should be someone whom you can trust that he or she won’t tell this to your Partner and spoil all the Surprise. If no one knows her Ring Size, you can ask that Ally to casually ask her Ring Size while talking about Random things or talking about her hands in general. Make Sure she doesn’t over act and stress too much on Ring Size.

3. Drawing Circles

Casually take things like tumbler or coasters and draw circles in a piece of paper and then ask for her ring to draw smaller circles. Do make sure that you draw circles with your ring too so that she does not have any suspicion.




4. Mark Your Finger

Play with the ring normally that she usually wears by wearing it on your fingers and make a mark where it reaches on your ring finger and you will easily get to know her size , this is maybe the Easiest way to know her Ring Size provided she already wears a ring and you are smart enough not to make her have an idea what you are trying to do ;).


5. Resize Ring

If you can not find a way to get her size , don’t lose hope . Just get a Slightly Bigger Size Ring , as rings can be Resized . But a tighter ring cannot be resized , a looser and bigger ring can be resized to smaller size . She will be in Pain if you get her Loose ring 😛 and you will Spoil that special day for both of you . Just make sure that the rings when you go for bigger size do not have too many stones as then re-sizing would be difficult.



This Method is Most Risky but you will get Exact Size for sure . If your partner is a sound sleeper then you can slip in when she is in her dream world and measure her finger with a string and make her dream proposal a reality. Just take care she doesn’t wake up or you will get caught at a very Objectionable State 😛 .

Go ahead and Try any of These methods and ways and do tell us about your feedback in comments!


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