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Latest Variety of Kurtis That Can be Styled For Kinds of Dresses in 2017 | 24shoppingbazaar |

Various Kurtis That Can Be Styled For Various Dresses

Looking for Various Types of Kurtis that Are in Fashion Nowadays and Looks Fabulous ? Bored of Wearing Same Old Kurti again and again ? (24ShoppingBazaar)

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Kurtis that You can Style as a Dress – There are these girls who tend to buy lots of clothes for each and every occasion . Girls love pairing them in different manner and accessorizing the look. That is the new rule of fashion. MIX MATCH and ENJOY. Kurti is a hit trend among girls since some years. India is a hot country and with the global warming increasing every now and then , people , especially girls are in need of light breezy clothes. And that is the time when Kurtis come into picture. But have you ever thought of playing around with these Kurtis with other Acessories ? In this post We will talk about Kurtis that You can Style as a Dress. Check them below.



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Kurtis That Can Styled For Various Dresses | 24ShoppingBazaar |


1. TAIL CUT KURTI  (24ShoppingBazaar)


Tail Cut Kurti


The Name ‘Tail Cut‘ Comes from the fact that the bottom of this kurti is like a tail. It is short at the front and as it goes backward it takes a tail shape and begins to Increase its length. The bottom shape of this kurti is what makes it so Attractive . It looks good both in terms of ethnic as well as western looks. You can play around with these kurti’s by accessorizing them with Different Accessories such as Heels , Sandals , Dupattas or Pyjamas .


A LINE KURTIS   (24ShoppingBazaar)


A Line Kurtis


A line kurtis are those Kurtis which are completely straight.  It is one of the most favorite and Popular among youngsters. They are completely straight and can have a Slide Slit as well. They largely vary in terms of length. But once the A line kurtis are up to your knees,  anyone can easily wear them as a dress.


ANARKALI KURTIS   (24ShoppingBazaar)


24shoppingbazaar anarkali kurtis



It is the typical traditional kurti . They generally have a round flare and have a very traditional and ethnic look. This is the perfect ethnic wear for hourglass or even full bodied figures. Anarkalis are completely traditional but you can give them a western look by Styling it with Some Desirable Accessories .


LAYERED KURTIS    (24ShoppingBazaar)


Layered Kurtis



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Layered kurtis are also round in shape. But they mostly come in different layers. They can be in three or Four layers depending on the kurti style. They look very Gorgeous and give a full bodied appearance. This is perfect for those girls who have a Shy attitude.



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