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Its Summers and Time to head to some good locations. Time to go for a trip. But we hate when people travel in flights and all. Yes for long distance travels we need to go by flight and trains. But the craziness in going for road trips is something else. And when it is an all girl’s road trip, Its too Much Fun and Craziness . OMG I can’t imagine the amount of fun and crazy that ride will have. But yes girls will always remains girl. Even if they go to the washroom ,They have a different slipper for that. So, How can you expect them to Wear those same Dresses on Road Trips as they wear in Daily Life.


If you are Going on Road Trip then You Must Try These Outfits.


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If You are Going on Road Trip Then You Must Try These Outfits |

24Shoppingbazaar |


1. A PAIR OF JEANS   (24ShoppingBazaar)




Jeans is such a versatile product that you need to carry it always especially on one of your outfit for picnic. But don’t carry your usual pair of jeans. Carry the rugged or slightly torn one. After all , you don’t want to look all dolled up every time but you must look adventurous. Fit doesn’t matter till the time you are comfortable.


2.SHORT SHORTS   (24ShoppingBazaar)


short shorts on 24shoppingbazaar


Yes, every Girl must have 1-2 Pair of Shorts . You can either carry the black or red one or carry any of your funky shorts. Neon color shorts looks Stunning as well for such road trips. It adds fun and Hotness element to your entire look.


3.PLAIN T-SHIRTS  (24ShoppingBazaar)


plain t shirts


Road trips are all about craziness and staying comfortable and not looking all glammed and dolled up. So, carry as many plain T shirts as you have as an outfit for picnic. You can Pair them with jeans and shorts and be all ready to hit the road.


4. BOHO ONE PIECE  (24ShoppingBazaar)


Boho One Piece 24shoppingbazaar


A boho one piece is perfect for an all girl’s trip. It looks so bohemian and perfect for such casual and adventurous trips. It looks Very Fabulous , Gorgeous and Glamorous.


5. SUNGLASSES  (24ShoppingBazaar)


sunglasses on 24shoppingbazaar


Sunglasses are another must have piece while travelling. They add so much of style and glam to your outfit. And these days you will get tons of sunglasses at such inexpensive prices. You can easily make your choice for an outfit for picnic.



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